FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Please note that the general visa and entry procedure is described in detail in our information sheet:


1. General information on entry and visa procedures

What are the requirements for entry into Switzerland?

Do I require a visa?

What type of visa is appropriate for my travel purpose? What visa application form do I need to complete?

How long does the visa procedure take?

How much does a visa cost?

I'd like to apply for a humanitarian visa

I cannot reach the Embassy

Vistor’s visa – period of validity

Entry of persons not requiring a visa

In Switzerland, can entry visas be issued at external borders?


2. Special information on Schengen

Entry with a Schengen visa

I have a Schengen residence permit – do I require a visa for Switzerland?

I have a residence permit for GB/ Ireland/ USA/ Canada/ Bulgaria/ Romania/ Cyprus/ Croatia – do I require a visa for Switzerland/Schengen?

I am a third country national subject to visa requirements if I want to enter the Schengen area. I hold a residence permit for Great Britain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia or Cyprus. My spouse is national of an EU member state. Do I still require a visa to enter the Schengen area? Do I have to pay for it?

When is a visa issued free of charge?

I am not allowed to enter the Schengen area, because my name is on the Schengen Information System (SIS) list of people prohibited from entering this area. Where do I have to turn to for information?

How is the adequacy of financial resources determined for stays in Switzerland and within the Schengen Area?


3. Border-crossing / Travel documents

May EU or EEA citizens who are travelling on a non-valid travel document or without a travel document made out in their name enter Switzerland?

Will Swiss citizens be admitted into an EU or EEA member state if they neither have a valid travel document nor one made out in their name?

Will Swiss citizens be admitted into a non-EU or EEA member state if they neither have a valid travel document nor one made out in their name?

Are citizens of a non-EU or EEA member state who are subject to visa requirements admitted into Switzerland if they travel on an expired passport or if their passport has been annulled but still contains a valid visa?

I have a Swiss F or N residence permit. Can I use this permit for travel?

Facilitated travel for school pupils – Pupilsʼ list

Are infants who are citizens of an EU or EEA member state authorized to enter Switzerland if they do not hold a travel document made out in their name?

Can minors travelling alone or accompanied by persons other than their parents or who do not have custody enter or exit Switzerland?

Are Italian citizens holding a renewed Italian ID card admitted into Switzerland?

I am a Croatian national. Is my identity card valid for entry?

Validity of travel documents of third-country nationals


4. For hosts in Switzerland

Letter of Invitation

Declaration of sponsorship

Travel insurance


5. Travelling in the Schengen area with a Swiss residence permit

I have a Swiss residence permit: Do I still require a visa for the Schengen area? What about Great Britain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia?

My identity document is currently being extended. Can I still travel?

Can I stay in Switzerland or in another Schengen member state after my Swiss residence permit has expired?


6. Questions on granted or refused visas

The Embassy has refused my visa application (receipt of form refusing a visa)

How do I remit an advance on costs?

SEM has rejected my appeal

On entering Switzerland, third-state nationals (people who are neither EU nor EEA citizens) must prove they have sufficient means of subsistence, regardless of whether they are subject to or exempt from visa requirements. What is extent of financial means is expected? Is cash the only form of showing that third-state nationals can support themselves while in Switzerland?

What is the status of my application?


7. Long-term residency in Switzerland (more than 90 days) / Employment in Switzerland

I would like a residence permit for Switzerland for more than 90 days

I have got married abroad or entered a registered partnership. How can my spouse or registered partner enter Switzerland?

Family reunification

I would like to work in Switzerland

Duty to notify the authorities


8. Other questions

Buying property in Switzerland