fedpol fights serious crime

fedpol fights terrorism and violent extremism, organised crime and economic crime with preventive measures, investigations, national and international police cooperation and specialised databases.

fedpol ensures the safety of people and property under federal protection

Together with the cantonal police forces, fedpol ensures the safety of the members of the federal government and Parliament, federal judges and officials, and people subject to protection under international law. It is also responsible for the security of federal buildings and foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Switzerland. In addition, fedpol is responsible for the training and deployment of air marshals on board Swiss aircraft. It also manages the National Witness Protection Unit, which runs protection programmes for witnesses in danger, on behalf of the federal and cantonal public prosecutor’s offices.

fedpol develops and operates national databases and carries out supervisory tasks, authorisation procedures and enforcement duties associated with weapons and explosives law

fedpol develops, operates and interlinks databases to search for, investigate and biometrically identify persons, and makes these databases available to federal and cantonal prosecution, security and migration offices. It is the supervisory and licensing body for weapons and explosives, and issues identity documents for Swiss citizens.

fedpol directs national and international police cooperation

fedpol provides its partners day and night with the tools they need to fight crime effectively. It coordinates and manages national and international investigations and searches and, together with the cantons, coordinates and manages police emergencies such as kidnappings, hostage-taking, extortion and terrorist attacks.

Last modification 08.04.2024

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