Helpline regarding refusal of entry

We have compiled the most important questions and answers (FAQs) regarding refusal of entry on our website. If your questions are not answered in the FAQs, please contact us. Please describe your request as precisely as possible. Our staff is currently working at full speed to deal with numerous inquiries. Thank you for your understanding!

Our helpline answers questions regarding:

  • your entering Switzerland, your visa or the current regulations,
  • your stay in Switzerland or your residence permit,
  • the free movement of persons EU / EFTA,
  • non-EU / EFTA citizens
  • the labour market regulations.

Contact us via

We have set up a telephone helpline, which is often overloaded.

Please call the helpline only in case of emergency:
+41 58 465 77 60

Below you will find the official ordinance 2 on measures to combat the coronavirus and the instruction to all authorities (only available in German, French and Italian).


(This document is not available in English)

  • Weisung (Fassung vom 24. März 2020) (PDF, 286.19 KB)

    Umsetzung der Verordnung 2 über Massnahmen zur Bekämpfung des Coronavirus (COVID-19-Verordnung 2) sowie zum Vorgehen bezüglich Aus-/Einreise aus dem, resp. in den Schengen-Raum

  • Directive (version du 24 mars 2020) (PDF, 392.77 KB)

    Mise en œuvre de l'Ordonnance 2 COVID-19 et sur la procédure à l’entrée et à la sortie de l’espace Schengen

  • Istruzione (versione del 24 marzo 2020) (PDF, 276.71 KB)

    Attuazione dell’Ordinanza 2 COVID-19 nonché procedura per l’entrata e l’uscita dallo Spazio di Schengen

(This document is not available in English)

  • Rundschreiben vom 24. März 2020 (PDF, 414.80 KB)

    Umsetzung der COVID-19-Verordnung 2 bei der Bearbeitung von Bewilligungsgesuchen und Meldungen nach dem Freizügigkeitsabkommen

  • Circulaire du 24 mars 2020 (PDF, 413.44 KB)

    Mise en œuvre de l'Ordonnance 2 COVID-19 dans le cadre du traitement des demandes d'autorisations et des annonces au sens de l’Accord sur la libre circulation des personnes

  • Circolare del 24 marzo 2020 (PDF, 399.47 KB)

    Attuazione dell'Ordinanza 2 COVID-19 nel quadro del trattamento delle domande di permesso e di annuncio ai sensi dell'Accordo sulla libera circolazione delle persone

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