Regional dialogues on migration

International migration dialogue facilitates the exchange of information and concrete cooperation between States and other actors in the field of migration and the handling and development of migration-related subjects (policy development and agenda setting). Various organisations and committees operate in the area of migration at a regional level. Recent years have shown that regional processes may form a useful framework, also for Switzerland, for cooperation on migration-related matters. Specifically, such processes help to develop a common understanding and focus on specific aspects of migration policy.

Switzerland’s involvement

Switzerland is primarily involved in four regional migration dialogues: the Budapest Process, the Prague Process, the Rabat Process and the Khartoum Process. These four processes provide a way for Switzerland to build bridges between the countries of destination, origin and transit. They foster a common understanding of the phenomenon of migration. They also concentrate on formulating joint mechanisms to combat the negative aspects of migration and seize the opportunities presented.

Last modification 25.07.2016

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