Prague Process


The Prague Process is a political initiative that developed out of the ’Building Migration Partnerships (BMP)’ Ministerial Conference, which took place in Prague on 28 April 2009. It now has 50 participating countries, including Switzerland.

The Prague Process takes a global approach to migration issues concerning eastern and south-eastern regions of the European Union (EU). To this end, the participating states have adopted a Joint Declaration with a view to establishing migration partnerships. This declaration covers six main areas of cooperation:

  • Preventing and fighting illegal migration
  • Promoting integration of legally residing migrants
  • Promoting readmission, voluntary return and sustainable reintegration
  • Making migration and mobility positive forces for development
  • Addressing legal migration and mobility with a special emphasis on labour migration
  • Strengthening capacities in the area of asylum and international protection.

Action Plan

The Prague Process Action Plan 2012–2016 presents 22 specific actions to be implemented during that period. These actions are presented under the six headings mentioned above.

Last modification 25.07.2016

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