Migration policy

Swiss migration policy pursues three aims

  • A good migration policy grants protection to people who are really persecuted, as befits Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition. People who must escape from war, persecution and torture should be able to find refuge here. However, by no means all those who apply for asylum are recognised as refugees or are provisionally admitted. Rejected asylum-seekers must leave this country again, and their return should be supported.
  • A good migration policy aims at a situation whereby both natives and immigrants feel safe in Switzerland. This is why everyone must accept our fundamental rules of living together. Often – but unfortunately not always – immigrants succeed in becoming integrated. We pay particular attention to the fight against crime, abuse and racism.
  • A good migration policy safeguards and advances this country’s prosperity. For this purpose, we need employees from other countries. Without these, many industries such as construction, tourism and health care, as well as Switzerland overall as a financial centre and a workplace, would be unable to preserve their current level of prosperity. It is for this reason that we depend on controlled immigration.

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