Structural aid

Structural aid is an integral component of return assistance and addresses some of the migration challenges facing countries of origin.

Projects in relation to structural aid aim at medium to long-term effects. For instance, they contribute to a region’s socio-economic development, facilitate the integration of returnees or displaced persons, or build capacities within public authorities in migration management.

The objectives of structural aid are to:

  • reduce the disparities between returnees and those who have stayed by allowing the latter to also benefit from structural aid projects;
  • provide incentives to countries of origin to readmit their citizens and to commit to implementing reintegration measures;
  • contribute to building capacities in countries of origin in the field of migration management;
  • encourage migration dialogue between Switzerland and the third country.

Structural aid in practice

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South Caucasus


South East Europe

Romania and Bulgaria

West Africa


West Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegowina

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