Corona: Questions and answers on entry and stay in Switzerland, the exceptions and suspension of visas

As the Swiss migration authority, we can only advise you on the rules that apply when entering Switzerland. The rules governing entry to other countries are a matter for the authorities in those countries.

General questions

Health-related measures at the border / Quarantine

Entering Switzerland

Rules applicable to unmarried couples

Questions on travelling through and leaving Switzerland

Information for international travellers

Questions on family reunification and preparing for weddings

Free movement of persons with the EU/EFTA

Rules for UK citizens (Brexit)

Entry by third-country citizens (non-EU/EFTA citizens) in order to work

Entry by third-country citizens (non-EU/EFTA citizens) for education or training courses

Questions on the suspension of the issuing of visas

For enquiries by telephone, very long waiting times must be expected. Please therefore send your questions by email to whenever possible.

Only call the SEM helpline in emergencies: +41 58 465 77 60

We are continuously expanding our helpline team and apologise for any inconvenience!

If you have questions about the form to be completed on entry, the negative test result requirement or the quarantine requirement that applies to people arriving in or returning to Switzerland from certain countries, please consult the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):
Helpline FOPH: +41 58 464 44 88 (6am-11pm).

Anyone who evades quarantine commits an offence under the Epidemics Act and may be fined up to CHF 10,000.


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Last modification 07.06.2021

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