Gainfully employed persons in the asylum sector

During the first three months after filing an asylum application applicants are prohibited to work. This period can be extended to six months if, within the first three months, a negative first instance decision is taken. Once the six months have passed, the applicant can be authorised to take up a temporary gainful employment if the economic and labour market situation allows it and if the wage and working conditions and the priority accorded to nationals are respected. In the interest of an equable labour market the Cantons can limit the authorisations for gainful employment to single branches. Practically all Cantons run employment projects, which aim at conveying basic knowledge to help foreigners find their way in everyday life in Switzerland. Moreover, the Cantons offer also the possibility of participating in programmes of general utility.

In general people who have a right to stay (temporarily admitted people, refugees) are recognised the possibility of taking up a gainful employment, as it lies in the public's interest that such people are professionally integrated as soon as possible. This group of people has also the opportunity of participating in employment and integration projects, which aim at professional and social integration.

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