Particles and Aerosols


Precise characterisation of aerosols – finely distributed particles in gas – is becoming increasingly important in industry and the environment. Particle measurement devices are increasingly used in the approval and monitoring of clean rooms, as well as for the assessment of particle emissions and immissions in the environment and in production facilities.

In the particle and aerosol laboratory, we ensure traceability to internationally agreed reference values with our high-precision measurement devices and measurement procedures. With our services we support the administration, industry and research in their quest for reliable and accurate measurement.

In order to keep up with the pace of development, we are constantly refining our measurement facilities. With this aim in mind, we conduct various research and development projects. Our speciality is the generation and determination of the size and number concentration of a wide range of solid and liquid particles in aerosols.


With our services we cover a particle concentration range from 100 cm-3 to 107 cm-3 for particle sizes from 5 nm to 15 μm.

Service catalogue (PDF, 126 kB, 07.03.2023)


With our calibration services, we ensure that particle measurement devices meet national standards. Our analysis and calibration certificates are internationally recognised.

Approvals, conformity assessment and type approval

We carry out national approvals of measurement instruments for nanoparticles and diesel smoke as well as type approvals of PTI measuring instruments.

Official verifications

We calibrate nanoparticle measurement instruments for internal combustion engines.


If you have any questions concerning our services or need advice, we will be pleased to help. Contact us without obligation.

R & D

With the aid of research and development projects, we keep our measurement facilities and expertise at the forefront of technology. We thus ensure our ability to offer the required services and promote innovation in the years to come. In the course of this, we work with other metrology institutes, universities, the administration and industry.

As a research partner of Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency) we cooperate in Innosuisse projects. We are interested in a collaboration with industry. Our strengths lie in the generation of traceable analyses of synthetic and natural aerosols.


During the campaigns we can offer you our services at a preferential price. Subject to availability, we also offer our services outside of the campaigns. Please contact us without obligation for a corresponding offer. This year we have planned the following campaigns:

Overview of Measurement Campaigns

In case of questions and requests, don't hesitate to contact us:

Instrument type(s)

Campaign dates

(Calendar weeks, CW)

Relevant standards &


Bioaerosol counters

Form PSL (PDF, 364 kB, 07.03.2023)

1)          CW 11 - 14

2)          CW 23 - 26

3)          CW 45 - 48

ISO 21501-1

ISO 21501-4

Horender et al., 2019

Vasilatou et al., 2021

Lieberherr et al., 2021


Form CPC (PDF, 139 kB, 07.03.2023)

All year long

(Please contact us 1-2 months in advance)

ISO 27891


Form SMPS (DOCX, 110 kB, 07.03.2023)

CW 8

ISO 15900

ISO 27891


Form DMA (PDF, 239 kB, 07.03.2023)

CW 43

ISO 15900

PM monitors and low-cost sensors

Form PM (PDF, 196 kB, 07.03.2023)

1)          CW 16&17

2)          CW 42&43

EN 12341

Horender et al., 2021(a)

Horender et al., 2021(b)


Form Photometer (PDF, 235 kB, 07.03.2023)

1)          CW 27

2)          CW 42

ISO 14644-3

Type approval of PTI instruments

Form CPC (PDF, 139 kB, 07.03.2023)

All year long

(Please contact us 1-2 months in advance)

VAMV (Switzerland)

PTB-A 12.16 (Germany)

NMi Proposal Particle Counter

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