Becoming a Swiss citizen

Becoming a Swiss citizen

Can I become a Swiss citizen?

In general, if you have lived in Switzerland for 10 years and hold a C permit, you can submit an application for ordinary naturalisation. If you are married to a Swiss citizen, you are eligible for simplified naturalisation. You can also apply for simplified naturalisation if you are a third generation foreign national.

What are the requirements?

If you want to become naturalised, you must be successfully integrated in Switzerland, be familiar with the Swiss way of life and not pose a threat to Switzerland’s internal or external security.

In addition, numerous other provisions apply – for example, for reinstatement of citizenship, dual nationality or stateless persons. The cantons and communes may also stipulate additional requirements, e.g. that you have lived for a certain period of time at your current place of residence.

How do I apply for naturalisation?

The naturalisation permit is issued by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). However, the communes and cantons are responsible for the procedure. An application must therefore be submitted to the authorities of the commune or canton in which you live. You can obtain the relevant form there. You can find the contact details of the cantonal naturalisation authorities cantonal naturalisation authorities here.

Last modification 21.07.2023

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