Migration Report 2018

This Migration Report presents facts and figures for the entire spectrum of activities carried out by the State Secretariat for Migration. It should help the reader to gain a clearer understanding of the various issues that affect all of us. At the same time, it enables one to appreciate the many different facets associated with migration.

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Foreign Population and Asylum Statistics 2018

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Brochure for refugees and temporarily admitted persons

The brochure contains basic information in simple terms on topics such as status, legal provisions, permits for foreigners, place of residence, changing cantons, travel abroad, bringing family members to Switzerland, integration, schools, employment, vocational training, health, social insurance, taxes and welfare assistance.

The brochure was updated with regard to the entry into force of the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA) on 1 January 2019.

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    Brief overview: Recognised refugees — B permit Temporarily admitted refugees — F permit Temporarily admitted persons — F permit

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Final Report of the "Integrated Border Management" Strategy Group

On 1 June 2012, the Federal Council approved the IBM Strategy jointly formulated by federal and cantonal representatives. The strategy consolidates all federal and cantonal activities to combat illegal migration, human trafficking and transnational crime. A further purpose of the strategy is to facilitate border-crossing for people entering Switzerland legitimately.

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Welcome to Switzerland

Information for new residents arriving from abroad

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European Nationals in Switzerland

This publication provides information on the practical application of the Free Movement of Persons Agreement between Switzerland and the EU to European Nationals who would like to live and work in Switzerland.

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Study: The population of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Switzerland

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Swiss Social insurance system:
Sojourn in Switzerland and departure

Information for foreign nationals

The pamphlet explains the elements of the Swiss social insurance systems, i.e. the Swiss old-age, survivors’ and disability insurance (AHV/IV, 1st pillar) and the occupational benefit plans (2nd pillar). It gives you practical information when planning your definitive departure from Switzerland.

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Documentary "Return for the future? – Stories and voices of Return Assistance"

In the film various people talk about asylum and return, describing the conflicting interests, challenges and possibilities of return assistance. Three case studies show how those involved cope with returning to their home country.

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