Developments since 12th December 2008

As far as the Dublin system is concerned, since 12th December 2008 Switzerland has the possibility, within the framework of the Dublin Procedure, to hand over asylum applicants to other Dublin States when the latter are competent for the examination of their asylum applications. In turn, Switzerland must take over asylum applicants from other Dublin States when it is found to be responsible for them. Within the framework of the Dublin Procedure, asylum seekers have to register their fingerprints in the central fingerprint database Eurodac.

By adhering to the Schengen and Dublin Association Agreements, Switzerland undertook to implement the further developments of the Schengen and Dublin aquis. Together with the Federal Office of Police (fedpol), the SEM is responsible for acceptance and implementation of approximately 95% of all further developments. Most of them are either acknowledged1) or approved2) directly by the Federal Council. However, some further developments have to be approved by Parliament3), which concerns the SEM, for example acceptance of the VIS Ordinance (Visa Information System), biometrical features in new foreigner permits or the Return Directive.

1) Do not need any ordinance or act adjustment
2) Need an ordinance adjustment
3) Need an act adjustment


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    10 Fakten zum Dublin-Assoziierungsabkommen

  • Brochure d’information (PDF, 965.60 KB)

    L’accord d’association à Dublin en 10 points
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