Swiss Asylum procedure

All over the world, countless people find it necessary to leave their native country and to file an asylum application somewhere. Some of them are persecuted by their native authorities on account of their political views or their beliefs, some are suffering from the effects of a civil war and others have just had enough of the disastrous economic conditions in their native land. Switzerland is one of the destinations targeted by these people. Our country grants asylum to refugees and offers temporary shelter to those in need of protection. The responsible body for this task is the Asylum Directorate at the State Secretariat for Migration. This office submits each asylum application to a careful and individual examination. Manifestly abusive applications are dismissed. In the case of the other applications, the office has to examine whether the asylum claims are credible and – if so – whether the person in question fulfils the requirements for refugee status laid down in the Asylum Act. Recognized refugees are mostly granted asylum; however, this is not the case if they have, for example, committed reprehensible acts or constitute a threat to Switzerland’s national security. As a rule, asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected have to leave Switzerland. In such cases, however, the office has to examine whether there are any obstacles to removal. Should such obstacles exist, the State Secretariat for Migration orders temporary admission to Switzerland. Otherwise, the Cantonal Migration Offices – often in consultation with the competent Federal authority – are responsible for the execution of removal. Asylum seekers have the possibility of lodging an appeal with the Federal Administrative Tribunal against negative decisions made by the State Secretariat for Migration.


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