Corona: Entry restrictions that apply to high-risk countries

Foreign nationals without rights of free movement who wish to enter Switzerland but do not fall within any of the categories of exceptions under the COVID-19 Ordinance are still subject to entry restrictions. There are no longer any entry restrictions owing to coronavirus for persons arriving from Schengen and EU countries or from the small European states Andorra, the Vatican/Holy See, Monaco, San Marino as well as 12 third countries. The normal entry requirements apply to persons arriving from these states. Persons from high risk countries who have a partner in Switzerland have been able to enter the country provided evidence of their relationship can be given. Further information on transiting Switzerland at airports, entering the country to care for family members and visas issued in high-risk countries you will find within the following pages.

Persons arriving in Switzerland from certain countries are required to go into quarantine. For further information, consult the website of the
Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Further information for persons from the EU/EFTA states 
Further information for travel to EU countries

Helpline Entry and residence in Switzerland

Here you will find the most important information on the restrictions on entering Switzerland and residence provisions.

FAQ & SEM Helpline Entry restrictions

Corona: Info for migrants & asylum seekers

Migration Report 2019

The Migration Report 2019 from the SEM is now available online as a pdf or printable version. The report provides a comprehensive overview of all the SEM’s activities, areas of interest and projects.

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