Who are the experts?

LINGUA recruits experts from all over the world. They work as independent specialists on punctual assignments. Over the years, LINGUA has developed a clear expert's profile. This profile includes an academic background in linguistics as well as an active competence in the language(s) to be analysed. LINGUA experts should also have an up-to-date knowledge of the respective regions of origin and their culture, not just from a theoretical point of view but rather (more importantly) from having acquired their knowledge on the spot. They also have to meet other requirements such as neutrality, objectivity, trustworthiness and discretion. Along with all this, the experts are not allowed to be in any way dependent on the authorities of the particular country of origin they are specialized on. After the recruitment process follows a testing stage; only after that are they put under contract.

Today, LINGUA has at its disposal a pool of over 80 experts for around 70 linguistic and geographical regions. Ideally, there is more than one expert per region so that second opinions and checks are possible. There are, of course, experts who can cover a variety of countries because they are competent for speech areas which include several countries or because they are competent for several languages/dialects.

The names of the experts are not published. However, each report has attached to it an anonymous, academic résumé of the respective expert, which attests his/her qualifications. This includes, for example, education, knowledge of the relevant language(s) and the length of the expert's professional contact with the respective language(s) and region(s).

Last modification 06.07.2021

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