Press Release (01.07.2020 - SEM)

Coronavirus: Masks compulsory on public transport; quarantine for travellers from high-risk regions; lifting of certain entry restrictions from 20 July

At its meeting on 1 July, the Federal Council took decisions on various measures to prevent the renewed spread of the coronavirus. In view of the increasing volume of people travelling and the rising number of new infections since mid-June, it has decided to make masks compulsory on public transport throughout the country from Monday, 6 July. In addition, travellers from certain regions will have to go into quarantine. Entry restrictions are expected to be lifted for an initial group of third countries from 20 July.

Press Release (24.06.2020 - SEM)

Coronavirus: Workers from third countries to be permitted to enter Switzerland again

Since 11 May various steps have been taken to relax restrictions on entry to Switzerland. In a further move, on 6 July the Federal Council will lift all corona-related restrictions on the admission of workers from third countries – i.e. non-EU or EFTA states. From 6 July, the cantons will also begin to process residence applications from third-country citizens who are not planning to work in Switzerland, such as people who have retired; the normal criteria will once again apply. However, third-country citizens are still not permitted to travel to Switzerland on holiday: entry for a stay of less than 90 days that does not normally require a permit will only be authorised in cases of special necessity.

Press Release (12.06.2020 - SEM)

Coronavirus: Switzerland to lift COVID restrictions regarding all EU/EFTA states

At its meeting on 12 June, the Federal Council took note of the decision taken by the FDJP to lift the entry restrictions that currently apply between all Schengen States as of 15 June, as was announced last week. Controls at Swiss borders with these states will end on this date and full free movement of persons will be restored with all EU/EFTA states and with the United Kingdom.

Press Release (27.05.2020 - FDJP)

Coronavirus: Further easing of entry restrictions from 8 June

The Federal Council is to further relax entry restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The restrictions will be lifted in step with the reopening of the economy. From 8 June, the cantons will begin processing applications from workers from the EU/EFTA member states. In addition, Swiss companies will be allowed to employ highly skilled workers from third countries if this is in the public interest, or if they are urgently required. To benefit the domestic workforce, companies will again be required to give notification of job vacancies, a measure that was temporarily suspended during the lockdown. Lastly, the Federal Council plans to lift all travel restrictions and re-establish the free movement of persons across the Schengen area no later than 6 July. Border controls with Germany, Austria and France will be lifted as early as 15 June, as previously announced.

Press Release (16.05.2020 - SEM)

23 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers arrive in Switzerland from Greece

As part of its support for the Greek authorities in asylum matters, Switzerland has agreed to accept unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers with family living in Switzerland. A plane from Athens landed at Zurich Airport today with 23 children and young people on board.

Press Release (15.05.2020 - SEM)

Coronavirus: Easing of travel restrictions between Austria, Germany and Switzerland

The borders between Switzerland, Germany and Austria are to open again for unmarried couples in long-term cross-border relationships, and for those wishing to visit relatives or attend important family events. Restrictions will also be lifted for people who own a property for personal use, tend allotments, or maintain agricultural or hunting land or woodland. People needing to take care of animals may also cross the border.

Press Release (13.05.2020 - FDJP)

Coronavirus: Switzerland reaches agreement with Germany, Austria and France on opening borders

Switzerland plans to open all borders with Germany, Austria and France on 15 June 2020, if the epidemiological situation allows. Federal Councillor Karin Keller-Sutter has reached agreement on this move following talks with the interior ministers of these three neighbouring countries. She advised the Federal Council of the agreement at its meeting on 13 May 2020.

Press Release (29.04.2020 - FDJP)

Coronavirus: Restrictions on entry to be gradually relaxed from 11 May

The Federal Council plans to gradually relax the restrictions on entry imposed as a result of the coronavirus crisis in step with the gradual reopening of the economy. From 11 May onwards, applications submitted by workers from the EU/EFTA and third countries before 25 March will be processed (the backlog will be reduced). From this date, it should also be possible for family members of Swiss citizens and EU citizens to enter Switzerland. Border controls, however, will remain in place. The Federal Council has tasked the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) with preparing these measures to ease the lockdown.

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