Migration Report 2008

Press Release, SEM, 25.05.2009

Bern. The Federal Office for Migration (FOM) has published its latest migration report containing the most important facts and figures from 2008. The report also provides an insight into FOM’s various fields of activity and its current tasks.

The 2008 Migration Report, appearing for the second consecutive year, is aimed at a wide audience from the fields of science, migration practice and politics. It provides an insight into the most important sectors of the FOM’s activities Dand the focal points of its work in 2008; these are placed in a national and international context and supplemented with important statistical data. The Migration Report is to appear regularly in the coming years, thus making a contribution to the factual discussion of a socially controversial policy sector.

In the past years there have been countless changes in the migration sector directly involving the FOM. These changes include the introduction of the free movement of persons from EU Member States, Switzerland’s adoption of the Schengen and Dublin agreements, the revision of the Asylum Act and the new Foreign Nationals Act. Various reports, for example on integration and naturalisation, have also been compiled. Further activities include the implementation of integration measures and international co-operation in the migration sector.


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