Applying for asylum in Switzerland

Applying for asylum in Switzerland

Can I apply for asylum?

If you are subject to serious disadvantages in your country of origin or last residence for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or due to your political opinions, you can apply for asylum in Switzerland.

How can I apply for asylum?

You can submit an asylum application either at a border crossing point or at a federal asylum centre. It is not possible to submit an asylum application from abroad.

If you have already submitted an asylum application in another EU or EFTA state, that state is responsible for your application and you have no prospect of obtaining asylum in Switzerland.

Who decides whether I am granted asylum?

Once you have submitted an asylum application, it will be carefully considered by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). This usually takes a maximum of 140 days. During this time, you will live at a federal asylum centre.

SEM examines whether your grounds for asylum are credible and whether you qualify as a refugee under the Swiss Asylum Act. You are entitled to free legal assistance.

What happens after a decision is made?

If your asylum application is rejected, you must leave Switzerland. If it is accepted, you are recognised as a refugee. You are allowed to work and are supported in becoming integrated in Switzerland.

Last modification 21.07.2023

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