Readmission agreements


A readmission agreement seeks to guarantee the prompt and safe readmission of irregular migrants present in Switzerland. It defines the terms of enforcement, the procedure and the return deadlines for Switzerland and the country of origin. Switzerland has signed around 50 readmission agreements with third countries.

Coherence with EU readmission policy

The Swiss policy of signing readmission agreements with countries of origin or transit is in line with the policy of the EU and its Member States which conclude readmission agreements or include return clauses in association and cooperation agreements with many countries of origin and transit in order to more effectively manage irregular migration.

International law

The principle of readmission of one’s own citizens is generally recognised in the international treaty practice and, due to an existing legal consensus and corresponding State practice, is also accepted as a principle of customary international law.

This obligation has been substantiated in recent years by consistent and widespread practice, resulting in many agreements and declarations.

Signed agreements

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Last modification 03.09.2020

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