Applications since 1.1.2018

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Applications until 31.12.2017

As with facilitated naturalisation, renaturalisation is in the responsibility of the Confederation; cantons and communities have a right of appeal. The general requirement for renaturalisation is close connections with Switzerland. Renaturalisation can be obtained by people who have lost Swiss nationality (by forfeiture, marriage or release from Swiss nationality).

Applicants are particularly foreign spouses of Swiss nationals and foreign children, one of whose parents is Swiss
Application to be submitted to Confederation
State Secretariat for Migration, Naturalisation Section, 3003 Bern-Wabern
Decision-making competence Confederation

Right of appeal

Requirements at federal level
  • Integration
  • Compliance with rule of law
  • No danger to internal or external security
  • Additional requirements depending on legal provisions
Requirements at cantonal level None, only right to be heard and right of appeal
Requirements at communal level None, only right to be heard and right of appeal

Legal bases

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