Permit F (provisionally admitted foreigners)

Livret F (pour étrangers admis provisoirement)

Provisionally admitted foreign nationals are persons who have been ordered to return from Switzerland to their native countries but in whose cases the enforcement of this order has proved inadmissible (violation of international law), unreasonable (concrete endangerment of the foreign national) or impossible (for technical reasons of enforcement). Thus their provisional admission constitutes a substitute measure. Provisional admission may be ordered for a duration of twelve months and be extended by the canton of residence for another twelve months at a time. The cantonal authorities may grant provisionally admitted foreign nationals work permits for gainful employment irrespective of the situation on the labour market and in the economy in general. A residence permit granted at a later date is subject to the provisions of Art. 84 (5) of the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act.

Last modification 28.12.2018

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