Example 2 – Legal stay

Select the "Control" option to verify whether a third-state national at an external border or already in the Schengen Area has exceeded the maximum duration of stay.

On 30 November 2014, a Philippian national departs from the Geneva Airport.
The following entry and departure stamps can be seen on her travel document:

Entry Departure  
15.08.2014     30.09.2014  
01.11.2014      30.11.2014  

The "Control" option allows for verification of whether the person has exceeded her maximum stay within the Schengen Area. After entering the dates, click on the "Calculate" button.


The calculation shows that the maximum 90-day stay within 180 period has not been exceeded. The third-state national would be able to remain in the Schengen Area without interruption until 13 December 2014.


Short-stay calculator

  • Launch the tool

    Click on link "Short stay calculator" in the text
    (3rd paragraph under "Harmonising rules and procedures")

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