Examplel 6 – Longer overstay

Select the "Control" option to verify whether a third-state national at an external border or already in the Schengen Area has exceeded the maximum duration of stay.

A third-state national presents his travel document upon departure on 01 March 2014.
This travel document shows the following entry and exit stamps:

Entry Departure  
28.06.2013     09.08.2013  

In this example, period of reference must first be determined. Otherwise the calculator will include the first stay in the calculation and produce a false "overstay" result:


In order to avoid this, do as follows:

1. Calculate the 180-day period of reference.


2. Enter the dates of the previous stays,
     but only those up to and including the start of the 180-day period;
     in this case 03 September 2013.


Now the "overstay" will be displayed properly. For a departure on 01 March 2014, the person would have an "overstay" of 74 days within the 180-day period (03 September 2013 to 01 March 2014).


Short-stay calculator

  • Launch the tool

    Click on link "Short stay calculator" in the text
    (3rd paragraph under "Harmonising rules and procedures")

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